Top 15 Tunes – Jan 2013 – Ten Free Downloads!

A lot of people tend to begin the year in a fairly laid-back fashion, but it seems that in the world of music, folk are eager to kick things off with a bang! This rundown of fifteen tunes fresh out this year shows that some of our favourite artists have already got their game faces on. Plenty of producers seem to be in a festively generous mood too, with an amazing TEN of the tracks here being FREE downloads!

Our Top Fifteen here represents a wide range of sounds, from reggae to dub, D&B to dubstep. The global nature of the scene shines through too, with artists from Jamaica, UK, USA, India, Poland, Turkey, and elsewhere, all doing their thing. From what little we’ve seen from this year so far, it looks like 2013 is gonna be another exciting one for the music we love…

1.Max Powa ft. Prince Alla & Seanie T – Great Stone (Powa)

This absolutely wicked release from Austrian-born producer Max Powa, featuring vocals from Prince Alla & Seanie T, has now been given the remix treatment. Every single one of the remixes is dangerous too – you can check them all in the video! Pick up a 7” release from Dub Vendor’s website HERE and keep your eyes peeled for the release of the remixes – especially the one from Aries!

2. Blak Twang ft. Congo Natty – Rebel Emcee (Infidelity)

Blak Twang – aka Tony Rotton, the godfather of UK hip hop – switches things up on this fresh jungle track alongside the one and only Congo Natty. Unsurprisingly, the result of this collaboration is absolute fire! The release also features some big, bad and heavy remixes courtesy of Interface and Mindstate.

3. Reggae Roast – Steppin (ft. Daddy Freddy) (Riddim Tuffa remix) (Free download)

Riddim Tuffa combine forces with Reggae Roast, with Adam Prescott on the buttons, and give us nice little treat to kick off the new year with! Riddim Tuffa’s remix of Steppin, featuring the mighty Daddy Freddy, is a bouncy little beauty that is sure the warm up the dancefloor! Make sure you also cop yourself the flipside – ‘Guns & Knives’ – with vocals from Solo Banton.

4. Strago – 4117 (NiteshadeInc)

An atmospheric, sub-heavy slice of deep dubstep from Strago is the latest vinyl release on Snooks’ NiteshadeInc. label, and has been getting rotation on Rinse FM and from Deep Medi’s Truth, amongst others. The flipside – entitled ‘The Fort’ – is equally heavy too! Cop this release on wax at BM Soho from Snooks himself, and hear the label boss behind the decks at the next BASSFoundation night on 8 February! Buy it online HERE. 

5. Skeptic – Swipe (Free download)

Skeptic – aka Karan Pillai – has been keeping a low profile lately, but judging by a few of the unreleased bits we’ve heard, he’s been putting in a lot of productive time in the studio! As well as some deep, techy D&B, this tune ‘Swipe’ – a snappy, clean and deliciously simply dubstep number – really made our ears prick up. It’s also available as a free download (specially put up at our insistence!), so enjoy…

6. Bitty McLean, Josey Wales, Sly & Robbie – Its Running Over (Taxi)

Four legends of the reggae scene combine forces on this brand new 12” single. Unlikely to be leaving the BASSFoundation record box for some time! Nuff said!

7. Gardna – Keep It Unreal ft. Keziah (Produced by Dreadsquad) (Free download)

With Poland’s hugely talented Dreadsquad gearing up for an India tour with the Reggae Rajahs, it seems an appropriate time to feature another of his riddims here! This ska-laced freebie features some wicked vocals from Bristol’s Gardna.

8. Commix – Fallen (Free download)

Cambridge-based D&B heavyweight Commix – who represents the mighty Metalheadz label – has given us this little gift to start of 2013. Whilst maybe not one of Commix’s best tunes, it’s still a tidy little roller than could fit in nicely to a variety of drum and bass sets. Download it HERE.


9. Ivy Lab feat. Frank Carter III – Oblique VIP (Free download)

Oblique was hands down one of the best D&B tunes of 2012. Released by Sabre, Stray and Halogenix, the trio appear to have marked their formal partnership by giving us an amazing VIP remix of their magical  D&B hit from last year. If this is the quality of what they are aspiring to as Ivy Lab, then we’re very excited to see what is to come from them!

10. Unconventional Science – Let Me Hit It (Austin Speed & Calculon remix) (Liquid Geometry)

Former Delhi resident Nick Everett – also known as American producer/DJ Unconventional Science – has just put out a brand new album entitled ‘Tiger Mustache’ on San Diego’s Liquid Geometry label. Nick’s always been eager to lend his sample-heavy tunes to other producers to rework – last year he put out a full album of remixes of his 2011 album ‘Open With Emotion’, which featured a number of Indian producers. One of the strongest tunes of his new album comes courtesy of exciting San Diego-based producers Austin Speed and Calculon, who bring a dubby, half-step flavour which actually sits around the 160bpm mark, giving it a feel of both footwork/juke styles and slower jungle vibes. Listen to and download the full album HERE.

11. Radikal Guru – 10 Ton Dub (Free download)

Heavyweight 140bpm dub business courtesy of Polish producer Radikal Guru. Make sure you check out the equally strong flipside, ‘Elephant Dub’!

12. Dekka & Foreign Concept – Bickerings (Free download)

Foreign Concept – who’s released with some of the top labels in the D&B scene, including Critical, Shogun Audio and Commercial Suicide – teams up with Dekka for this lush and smooth cut of atmospheric bass music.

13. Jon Convex – Fade (G.Vump remix) (Free download)

This one from the boundary-breaking, trend-setting Jon Convex (one half of the duo Instra:mental, alongside Boddika), is maybe not for everyone. You certainly won’t find us playing it out at BASSFoundation night, but it’s a beautiful track in its own beguiling way, so have a listen!

14. Gantz – Addict (Free download)

InnamindRecordings has rapidly made a strong reputation for itself in the world of deep and dark dubstep music. This wicked little freebie courtesy of Turkish producer Gantz represents their sound perfectly. Download it HERE.


15. Survival & Silent Witness – Speedbag (Free download)

Survival & Silent Witness’ forthcoming ‘In From The Wild’ album on the unstoppable Dispatch Recordings has already been tipped by KMag and many others to be one of the most anticipated D&B LPs of 2013. This rolling, techy number has definitely whetted our appetite for the release of their debut album, coming up next month! Buy the album sampler EP HERE.

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